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Logistic Operator

Freight Forwarder

& Customs Broker

Meet us

Our office is in Dr.JJ. Dómine nº 20 , 4 , 15 de Valencia
What you should know

We belong to a worldwide network of agents in more than 100 countries

To help you handle import and export operations around the world door to door


We are customs representatives with extensive experience optimizing delivery time and facilitating paperwork, therefore avoiding any unnecessary delays of cargo at Customs.

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We coordinate efficiently maritime and air Freight transport ensuring that all your needs and operations run smooth and effortlessly, so you do not have to worry about a simple thing.

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Warehouse and distribution services.
Bonded warehouse and Vat warehouse
Vat warehouse
Warehouse with Sanitary Registry

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Years experience
Satisfied customers
The difference

We understand the needs of our customers and their satisfaction is our success

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